Speak & Spell: Simple iPhone 4 Retro Overhaul Decal

Customization has been opened up even more with the release of the iPhone 4. The phone has more “surface” to add stuff to, and due to that, there are now a landslide of new decals, cases and bumps to choose from. New ones are coming out daily, and if you’re a design freak like me, you probably would have a new one on there every day of the week if you could afford it. Even the technology behind the decals is getting ever better. You would think that a decal is a decal, created as is, but that’s where you are wrong. There is a whole science behind it all, and the latest is an air egress technology that eliminates all air bubbles when applying your new decal to your iPhone.

We recently wrote about the cool and retro Sony Walkman decal for the iPhone, which was very popular, but today that’s old news and we want something even more retro. So what could be better than the Speak & Spell decal from the ETSY Shop crafter blakemedia? I think everyone remembers the nifty little toy that helped kids learn how to spell words in the early days of the ’80s.

The fact that it was featured and used by E.T. himself in the movie E.T. (Duh!) doesn’t make it any less retro and cool. For me, this thing was never a part of my childhood since it was primarily launched in the US, but my most vivid memory is thinking it was geekdom bonanza when I saw it in E.T. for the first time. Yeah, I know… pretty lame, but I was a young kid back then.