Spectacular Tattoo Designs: Would You Get One?

I am amazed at people who get tattoos. I believe those people are very courageous and really love self-expression. I do not have a tattoo, and to be quite honest, I am afraid to get one. I witnessed a friend get a tattoo once, and he said it was very painful, but he still went ahead with it. I remember he was holding onto the chair for dear life, it was amusing watching him.

I guess people have different experiences and different thresholds for pain. My brother has a small tattoo on his chest, and when I asked him if he felt a lot of pain, he said no, it was not bad at all.

Even though I haven’t gotten a permanent tattoo just yet, I got a Henna Tattoo when I was vacationing in Boracay in the summer. I can say that I love the way the tattoo artist gives life to a certain image when he does his magic. Imagine piercing the skin with hundreds of needles and creating a beautiful or intricate marking using indelible ink into the dermis layer. I found some very cool… no, spectacular tattoo designs that people actually wear on their bodies. These masterpieces are quite intricate. If you were me, would you get one?

Image Credits: [Funzu] [Mike Devries]