Spray Paint Design | Making The Wall

What do you think of when you hear the words “Spray Paint”? I bet you’re thinking about Graffiti and malicious tagging. Am I wrong? Well, spray paint isn’t just for ego walls around the city or for touching up that old bike of yours. Nope, nothing at all in that direction actually. Mike Oncley has redefined the wall art and now creates his own using an empty canvas, some paper, a few cutting tools and of course…spray paint. His designs are really amazing and has a pure feel when finally finished. The art resembles that of a Photoshop tutorial you can find around the Internet where you create highlights of an image and color it’s shadows in two to three steps. You get a cool “Obama” art kind of feel to it.

Always video taping his work you are invited to his YouTube channel “heyelefante” to check out the process as well as his work. And I assure you, you won’t leave the place without being inspired. He’s done portraits of Louis Armstrong, Andy Hull, Tom Waits to Happy Valentines Day giveaways. Make sure you stop by and check his stuff out.

Louis Armstrong

Jesse Lacey