Star Wars In The Form Of Mexican Traditional Art

Once again the brainchild of someone else has completely taken me by surprise. No wonder we have something called a viral social media phenomenon. It’s amazing what people come up with and how inspiring it is every time you manage to cross roads with something new and fresh. Even though this art style isn’t exactly new, it is for the Star Wars brand. It’s so fresh as a matter of fact that I haven’t even thought about the connection until I saw these wonderful drawings.

Created by talented and imaginative designer Jose Pulido, Star Wars takes on yet another shape in the form of Mexican traditional art. It’s weird and unusual and feels a little like being surprised by an unwelcome friend that you still invite cause you are not entirely sure why he or she is unwelcome. I know, it’s weird yet wonderful.

Even though I am not accustomed to the Mexican Traditional Art, I kind of like it. Or, I haven’t yet made up my mind about it really. Right now I like it but the morbid nature and creepy Halloween feel of death in disguise has never been the melody of my life. However, all creativity is inspiring creativity and this certainly is creative. Yet once again someone introduces a new chapter in the story of bizarre and wonderful incarnations of the Star Wars brand. Once more I wonder what George Lucas would have thought if his storyboard artist would have showed him these instead of those legendary drawings that pop up on the Internet every now and then. They are amazingly creative and “creepingly” morbid. You can even buy these pieces of art over at Jose’s own Etsy Shop!