Star Wars Peep Toe Pumps: Girls Just Got Geekier!

I sometimes wonder why Star Wars has a tendency to bend towards the boyish geekiness instead of the unisex one. Sure, there have been some female Star Wars gear here on Bit Rebels lately, like the R2-D2 and C-3PO swimwear and such, but it tends to be more focused on the male fan base so to speak. Maybe I am just wrong or just haven’t paid attention too well to the trends (which definitely could be the case), but if my estimations are correct (and I am not saying they are), I have a feeling we’ve produced quite a few more articles about Star Wars related gear that leans towards the boyish way of fanning the ultimate science fiction movie series. So just to even out the sides a little, I went ahead and found something that I think every Star Wars girl fan is going to appreciate.

The new Star Wars Peep Toe Pumps are definitely something you girls should take a close look at. Not only will they grab every boy’s attention, but I am sure they would definitely be a conversational topic to kick off an event. I mean, if you’re heading into a party with these pumps for example, there simply won’t be a single soul in that room that won’t find your enthusiasm and geekiness anything other than refreshing and awesome.

I have been unable to find out if they are on sale somewhere or if they are a one off creation, but I will keep an eye out and make sure to add the seller information if I find it. If you happen to know where our readers could grab a hold of these, please don’t hesitate to mention it in the comments. They are definitely going to appreciate it.

Via: [Buzzfeed]