Star Wars, Terminator And More Now Squidified!

I bet if we’re keeping this up we’ll have the wildest and strongest compilation of Star Wars awesomeness on the Internet. I think that if George Lucas really knew how many people idolize and completely immerse themselves in his brainchild world, he would actually get scared. The hours put down to create odd, wonderful, weird, cool, awesome, dangerous, heavenly and brilliant Star Wars stuff must be endless. It would probably count up to thousands of years of pure creation. But that’s not really the point of this article. It’s to fan the awesomely weird paintings done by a very talented artist.

That talented artist is none other than Aaron Jasinski and he takes Star Wars into a whole new dimension. If I would say “Squidify” what would you think of? I bet you can’t even picture what I mean (sure, you’ve seen the header image of this article and therefore you know). But really, it’s a wonderful and odd little place where I think Aaron is alone. He must be because prior to me seeing his art I have never thought about anything even in the vicinity of what he has drawn.

What he does is to take the heads of famous Star Wars characters and add octopus tentacles to them. Why? That’s one for the almighty to answer. If I tried to figure that out I would go nuts I think. My simplest explanation is, because he can. And it looks great and I wouldn’t mind putting up a couple of his drawings on my wall here at the “lair“. They would make a statement that this place is out of the ordinary and way beyond what would be considered normal. That’s just how we roll here at Bit Rebels. Huge props to Aaron to make me inspired yet another day. Star Wars rules and so does Aaron! Keep it up!