Star Wars Typography: 3 Amazing Ad Campaign Posters

Digital art comes in a multitude of forms and shapes. Games, logos and website design are all forms of art in a certain way. But there is one form of digital art that always strikes a conversation when it is viewed, and that is typography. Sure, it doesn’t have to be digital at all. As a matter of fact, there are plenty of books out there that are entirely dedicated to typography in every form and shape. However, there is a rising trend of 3D typography art and typography where letters are used to create visual patterns that looks like ordinary images.

H-57, a member of the Ads Of The World community, recently showcased the most awesome creative typography dedicated entirely to Star Wars. 3 typography ad posters were created, and they sport the tag line “May The Force Of Typography Be With You.” The statement is as true and mesmerizing as the posters themselves.

With the use of a few characters H-57 has been able to create the heads of a Stormtrooper, Darth Vader and, of course, Yoda himself. There is no mistaking who they are supposed to look like, and at first glance, you won’t even be able to spot that they are created entirely out of characters only. Things like this get my creative juices going. It’s simple, creative and brilliant! – Click images to enlarge.