Steampunk: PC Modded Into A Victorian Beauty Of The Past

A couple of years ago, I wrote an article on about a ton of modded computers that looked absolutely stunning. That article became one of the most successful articles on Minervity to date. However there is, of course, still room for more. And this time I am going to share some of the new awesomeness with you guys here at Bit Rebels instead. Modding has become a household name in geek communities, and the cooler your computer is the better geek you are. Some people spend thousands of dollars just to geek out their gear. The funny part is that it doesn’t even enhance the computer itself, only the looks of it.

A perfect example of that is The Timekeeper by modder Victorian Steampunker. It’s a computer modded into a Victorian looking clock casing. The computer itself is a very decent Athlon 64 Dual Core 4400+ CPU, Upgradeable Gigabyte AM3 motherboard, 160GB Hitachi SATA Hard Drive, and2GB of Mushkin DDR2 / PC 800 RAM. But that’s not what’s interesting here, it’s what you see.

The computer mod is entirely functional, and the clock on the outside is a “Skeleton Clock” that resides behind a glass window. And here you were thinking your computer is rad and unique. You just won’t find this kind of computer in your local computer store. That’s a promise, but don’t fret, this thing is actually for sale. Cough up the $1,099, and the computer and the modding is yours. It’s available at Victorian Steampunkers own Etsy website.

Image Credit: [John William Dunn]