STEREOO: Could Be The Smallest 3D Camera In The World!

Ever since James Cameron developed that 3D camera system that he used to film Avatar, the world has forever changed into an ever more immersive reality. Everything goes 3D and even our televisions are now starting to incorporate technologies into them to give us the option to watch movies, shows and documentaries in full 3D together with a pair of 3D glasses. Some developers are even working on bringing us the full experience without the glasses.

There have already been some announcements about these, especially during the recent CES. But when it comes to cameras, the 3D features have been kind of slow. More and more developers of high end camera systems are toying with the idea, and we see small improvements and incorporations happening but it’s fairly slow.

Designer Michal Bonikowski from MINDSAILORS has a different idea though, and his mind is already in full motion developing the smallest 3D camera in the world called the STEREOO. The system, sporting a huge LED screen in the back and two inspirational cameras in the front, is a photographer’s dream if it ever gets developed. The technology for such a camera is already available, and it’s just the development itself that needs to be worked out.

Today when the quality of the small pocket cameras is almost as complex as a full grown system camera, it’s only a matter of time before we will see people taking pictures that will astound even the most hardcore photographer. And with the SD card storage space getting ever larger, you will soon see full motion pictures being shot with a small pocket camera. As a matter of fact, there are a few movie makers in Asia that have already shot several full feature motion pictures with the iPhone’s HD camera. What an insane world we live in!