Symbolic Sculptures Created From Human Ashes

There is no doubt this is creepy, but it’s one of those things that is so creepy it’s actually interesting. We’ve written about art created from a human skeleton before, so I suppose it makes sense now to write about art created from human ashes.

I admit, when my beloved dog Daisy died, I had him (yes, he was a boy named Daisy) cremated. I have his ashes in a little tin in my house where I can always see it. I couldn’t imagine creating a sculpture from Daisy’s ashes, and I sure as hell couldn’t imagine doing it from a person’s ashes. However, I guess that’s not the point.

The point here is recycling and reusing. The artist, Wieki Somer, put all of these sculptures together in a series called “Consume or Conserve.” In her defense, she did create this art as respectfully as possible. Not only does she display the person’s name, but there is also a special meaning behind each sculpture. Whether it’s a vacuum cleaner, a toaster, a bird, or a honeycomb, each sculpture symbolizes life in one way or another. It’s almost like each one of these people has a personalized memorial. Nah, no matter how I look at this, I still can’t wrap my brain around it. I hope nobody turns me into a sculpture after I’m dead.

[via 1800recycling, Design Boom]