Table Globe Chandelier: Finest Use Of Old Light Globes!

I remember when I was a young kid (yeah, it wasn’t that long ago), we used to have one of those table globes at home. It was one of those that lit up when you turned it on. I was amazed by the countries and the different parts of the world, and I couldn’t get myself to stop watching it. I always found new and interesting places I wanted to visit, even live once in my life. Sure, those places have changed throughout the years, but I have managed to visit most of them. I think my sense of adventure and willingness to explore is inherited from those moments as a kid.

Since then the table globe has become somewhat redundant, and we turn to the Internet instead to get directions and to find new and exciting places to travel to. Nowadays we even get images, location activities and a lot more information with the click of a button, so there is no question why we left the old and ultimately inspiring table globe behind. So what should we do with it now? Should we just throw it away and act like we never cared about in the first place?

Well of course not! There are far better uses for it. A pristine and magical example of that is designer Benoit Vieubled’s globe chandelier which was created with 15 world globes. Each has its own shade of color and a light inside it which makes it one of the centerpieces of this staircase. Who wouldn’t want to climb these stairs just to get a closer look at the world? It’s 15 worlds actually. Called “Monde à l’endroit, Monde à l’envers,” it certainly gets my vote for most creative use of an old and battered object we try to forget but really shouldn’t. It’s amazing if you ask me.