The Anatomy Of An Effective Web Design [Infographic]

When creating a new website, there are a lot of things to consider before getting down to the nitty gritty stuff. There needs to be a requirements list, and a plan about how to lay it all out in order for the user (visitors) to enjoy the experience while browsing around on it. The graphics and the eye candy come in at a later stage. First of all, you need to know what kind of website you are creating otherwise you will find yourself continuously changing things in order to “correct” what you previously didn’t like because of all the rushing. However, with a proper plan, there is nothing that can really go wrong unless you’re trying to bring too much to a too small place, meaning the server and the capacity required for making the website a smooth and enjoyable experience.

The layout of the site (not including the reason you’re creating the website in the first place) is probably the one most important thing to consider in order to attract a good crowd, but the quest for a successful website doesn’t stop there. The site has to actually make people want to come back as well, and that is almost never an easy task. You have to maintain and service your blog, and take out anything that is not completely in line with what your visitors are expecting. This is all within the layout and execution of the site.

Web Design Ledger put together a pretty nifty little infographic guide for you to have a peek at whenever you are doubtful about the ins and outs of a trustworthy and attractive web design layout. Of course, there are plenty of ways to execute this guide, and that’s why you are called a web designer in the first place. So just sit back, study this marvel of a picture, and let your creative juices flow. Before you know it, I am sure you will have found a boat load of ideas to either implement or create from scratch that will become the next sensation. Maybe you have an idea that no one has ever seen before. You never know what can spring from a creative mind in need of something really awesome to do!

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Anatomy Of An Effective Website