The Awesomeness of Root Beer

This is a follow-up to a follow-up. You dedicated Bit Rebels readers will know where this is going. Move Over Pepsi, Coke is on BitRebels & Awesome Peps Commercials are a  couple of great articles written by my fellow rebels. Well, I have root beer on the mind and I hate to tell you ladies but this small beer was around before either of your soda’s and reigns amongst a guys first choice when a real beer is unavailable.

Root beer was easily my most favorite drink growing up. I now tend to stay away from most soda, but when I am feeling spunky or eating out with the kids, I order up an ice cold Rootie Tuttie.  One of the best ways to enjoy the ‘ol sassafras (as it was originally brewed with and even called) is with vanilla ice cream and a long straw… the Root Beer Float.

[insert a quick run to a local Friendly’s Restaurant to pick me up a floatie]

There are no real stand-outs in the root beer popularity contest with Mug, Barqs, IBC, and A&W all hanging around the top. Although they all taste different, root beer is the type of soda you either love or hate.

We all know that Coke and Pepsi are the big two in the soda world and have a loyal following and some great ad campaigns. But when you follow the image of root beer you will find a slightly different result. A primarily male audience is targeted through these advertisements so you get a more real, funnier, and playful message. Being a guy, I have to say root beer has some of the coolest ads in the soda family. Who can forget “Barqtoos” or “Thick Headed”?