The Beach Towels That Remind You To Shave

Did you know that only 12% of women like facial hair on men and a whopping 71.6% of men prefer a shaved bikini zone on women? Shaving is a big part of our lives, and unless you get a permanent hair removal procedure or you get waxed regularly, you probably have some razors of some kind in your bathroom.

We write a lot about different advertising campaigns here on Bit Rebels, but one perspective that we probably don’t think about enough is that no matter how creative it is, and no matter how much people like it, there is still a chance it won’t be effective. The jury is still out on the new Playboy Magazine ads that I wrote about yesterday. We’ll have to keep an eye on that one.

The ad I’m sharing with you today was from Gillette, and since it was a campaign from last summer, I can share the results with you. Although some of us might not shave as often during the winter, when the summer comes, we hit that razor every day, right? I know I do. At the beginning of last summer, Gillette wanted to create a funny, memorable, unique campaign that would prompt people to shave. They came up with these bright beach towels with holes in them, which I think is really creative.

When the towels were placed on the ground outside, the grass started to sprout through the holes as you see in this picture. It’s cute, right? Gillette had thousands of these towels placed all over public spaces in Germany. Was the campaign effective? Well, the result was that before summer really even got started, those towels were all stolen, and it was over before it really begun. Kinda makes you giggle, doesn’t it? A lot of people thought the campaign wasn’t successful because of that, but Gillette had the last laugh. They intended that to happen all along! I wish I had one of those towels.

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