The City Made Of 100,000 Staples

Bored at work? You could always do what Peter Root did with some common office supplies… Most of the time when I write about creative artists on Bit Rebels, I think, “Wow, how did they think of that?” But this time it’s different. Since I’ve been playing with staples my whole life, I can totally see how someone would think to do this. Staples are fun to rip apart, stand on their side, and of course, jam the stapler.

Peter Root used 100,000 staples to create this city of staples he calls “Ephemicropolis.” He broke long pieces of connected staples into smaller pieces of varying sizes to create the buildings. This project took him about 40 hours to complete. It takes up a floor space of 6m x 3m. To him, the biggest challenge when putting this together was not knocking them all down since they can fall like dominoes. What’s his next project? Peter plans to do it all again, but this time, with one million staples! You can read an informative interview with Peter here.

The making of Ephemicropolis from Peter Root on Vimeo.

[Image Sources: trickfist, peterroot]