The Dew Box | 12 Sec. TV Challenge

It’s always wonderful to see brands encouraging community building for designers. Mountain Dew just recently launched their Dew Box Lab Challenge.

They will be giving away 50 specially designed boxes by artist on the rise. The boxes contain 7 unmarked cans containing 7 mystery flavors.  The goal is for the challengers to pick 3 flavors that will be included in their roster of Dew Flavors.  All one has to do is send in a 12 second video on why you deserve to receive one of the 50 limited edition Dew Box kit.  To find out more about the dew box watch the video explained by Jason Pollock.  And if you like the video why not vote or favorite it.  Check out the Dew Box site for more information and see the video with the awesome designers’ works of art.