The Flipped Axis Bridge – Driving Has Never Been So Confusing!

As if the world isn’t complicated enough as it is… We have architects that try to come to terms with all the odd and confusing ideals we have learned throughout the years, but they always seem to come out short with their ideas. This one is no exception. Well, that is at least if you’re not from another planet, and if you don’t think about things on a different axis and dimension. I hate to say it, but sometimes the Chinese people seem to make solving problems a little bit too difficult for themselves.

Some Dutch architects decided to help the Chinese government develop a bridge that would come to terms with the odd behavior of two driving conventions when they cross each other. It causes a lot of confusion, and this is supposedly going to help figuring it out.

Whether they succeeded is yet to be seen cause it’s a huge undertaking. The project is set at an estimated $10.7 billion in order to realize it and complete it. It’s not exactly pocket change just to try a new approach. Then again, maybe it will be worth it if people have it easier in traffic. Less accidents mean less casualties. There is really no way to put a value on a human life, is there? So bring it on China. Give it your best, and amaze us all!