The Geeky QWERTY Notebooks Are Sure To Inspire

Notebooks are considered computers nowadays and every time we refer to something called a notebook it is without hesitation a picture of a laptop of some kind that pops up in our heads. Even when querying “Notebook” on Google the results are in great favor of the small laptop. What has become of the real art of scribbling in a notebook? Even though people have abandoned or no longer talk about notebooks in terms of a stack of papers I still know a few people that still use it for various things. For example, a couple of people use it to doodle down designs and artwork to save for a later day. It’s kind of sad that we no longer see the unbeatable use of real notebooks as I think it’s essential for designers and artists to have a collected location where they can just put down their ideas quickly and reliably.

However, to revive the notebook, some designer has come up with a fusion of the high tech approach we call notebooks and the more analog entity. It’s called “Recycled Keyboard Notebook” and it is sure to speak to all geeks and designers. The cover of the notebook is covered with recycled keys from old qwerty keyboards and make up a nice and inspiring pattern.

It inhabits 62 keyboard keys, sports 68 lined pages and measures 7×5 inches. If you are a geek there is no reason why you shouldn’t be drooling right now. Well, I am happy to tell you that being a geek today is both cool and environmentally friendly. The keys are entirely recycled and you can buy this piece of geek-must-have accessory for just under $17. It’s more than a bargain and I am sure you will have more than one head turned when bringing it up to create your schemes for taking over the world.

If you are thinking about joining the group of people that are already making the cool look cooler then head over to Perpetual Kid and get yourself one. It’s a sure investment towards inspiration.