The Mesmerizing Art Of David Despau: Batman, Superman, Etc.

Visual inspiration is what I consider to be the best way to get creative. Usually I have a brief moment in the mornings when I just browse through my favorite designer websites to get my brain cells colliding. There are so many talented designers and artists out there that I sometimes wonder why I even try to compete, if that’s even what I am doing. There are literally millions of art galleries all over the Internet with stuff you just wouldn’t believe came from a couple of talented hands and a pencil. It’s the only art form that we have documented from thousands of years back starting with ancient people scribbling on the mountain walls.

However, that’s not what David Despau does. He’s one of the most talented artists I have seen in quite a while, and his work is beyond inspirational. The second I saw these, I thought about @davidhoang‘s exclusive avatar art that we wrote about not too long ago. Mr. Despau might be one sharper though, and the pictures and videos he presents on his website are just pure beauty.

What especially caught my eye were his original takes on Batman, Superman and Wonderwoman. Those pieces are just mesmerizing to begin with. Once again, these are posters and could be put on any geeks wall. His celebrity artwork isn’t exactly bad either. As a matter of fact, it’s spot on and I could only dream about being as talented. For a day full of inspiration check out David Despau’s website and let yourself be impressed. Stunning!