The Mighty Wallet: A Strong, Earth Friendly Way To Carry Cash

We all carry money differently. Some of us carry big wallets, some carry leather pouches, and others just use a coin purse. Some friends of mine have designer wallets, others just use plain ones. They joke that as long as it’s a lucky wallet, it doesn’t have to be branded.

I once had a wallet that I considered really lucky that I kept for years, but of course it got to the point that it was so worn out I had to get a new one. Maybe if it was a Mighty Wallet, it would have lasted longer.

The Mighty Wallet is a tear-resistant, water-resistant and stain-resistant wallet. It is made from a single, ingeniously folded sheet of Tyvek (the same material used in express mail envelopes). The Mighty Wallet is extremely slim, but is designed to expand its capacity with use. It features two pockets for cash, two outside pockets, and two credit card pockets capable of holding 16+ credit cards. The Mighty Wallet is made from 25% recycled content. This is not only a sturdy wallet, but it’s earth friendly too. I included two videos here so you can learn more about this super geeky, cool product!