The Mobile Library Built On An Old Ford Transformed Into A Tank

We’ve asked this question many times on Bit Rebels. If you had a library full of old books at your house which nobody reads anymore since most people have transitioned over to digital books, what would you do with them? Would you keep them on the shelves in order to stay attached to all the smiles, memories and secrets they hold within? Would you turn them into some sort of fabulous art? We’ve shown you many examples of recycled book art over the years. I think I would do something similar to what Argentinian artist Raul Lemesoff did. I love this idea.

First, he took the Argentina version of an old Ford Falcon and modded it into an army tank. As if that wasn’t a big enough feat in itself, he then started to transform the tank into a library full of old books. As you see, it looks so artistic how he stacked those books just right all over the tank. They are pretty much covering the entire thing!

Now he drives his unique tank (or mobile library as I call it) slowly around Buenos Aires and gives away the books to people passing by on the street. The video below shows him in action. His goal is to bring reading back to the Argentine people. How fun! He calls this the weapon of mass instruction, and ironically, the scene looks very serene and peaceful. What a great way to use books in an art project with a social message. I would get so excited if I saw this tank barreling down the street, and I’d run over to it to choose a book. The thought of it reminds me of a child who is excited to see the ice cream truck coming.


Via: [Dude Craft] [Recyclart]