The Most Creative Fingerprints You’ve Ever Seen

Fingerprints are just plain cool. I remember the time I was arrested and fingerprinted (Just kidding. LOL). One reason fingerprints are so cool is because they are one of the few parts of our bodies that is completely unique. Although it is possible for our relatives to have relatively the same fingerprint patterns, no two fingerprints have ever been found to be exactly alike. Fingerprints are similar to DNA in that they belong only to us.

I learned a couple of interesting facts about fingerprints when I was doing my research for this article. First of all, birds have fingerprints or the equivalent of them. They can be found in the eggs they lay. Dogs also have the equivalent of fingerprints, but they are on their nose. I guess you could call them noseprints. The last random fact I’ll share with you about fingerprints is that it is impossible to change them. Even if you scrape, burn, cut or carve into your finger, your fingerprint will be the same as new skin grows back.

Artist Kevin Van Aeist also seems to be interested in fingerprints. He likes them so much that he has figured out a way to incorporate them into his daily life. He’s done a very creative job creating fingerprints of his own with yellow mustard, cassette tape, cat litter, a kite string, cheese doodles, sweetener, yarn, cherry pie and old typewriter. The other artwork on the Kevin Van Aeist website is fascinating. If you are looking for some inspiration, check it out! Thanks Kevin!

Via: [Today and Tomorrow] [Stumblerz]