The Perfect Lie | How Photoshop Distorts our Reality!

Having used Photoshop since almost way in the beginning of it’s inception I have seen quite a lot of things and what Photoshop is capable of doing. Not only do we live our daily lives in a pure vacuum of lies we also go beyond our ways to actually make sure we really look like the pictures we get fed with each day. But, what we don’t know and think about is all the videos and movies we see each day and willingly devour as the truth.

The fact is that many of the features us designers use in our daily work is also available for every video editor and movie maker. There’s tons of awesome technologies that will enhance anyone to perfection if used in the right way. From filters smoothing out wrinkles to crop tools that makes anyone look like their magically lost 20 pounds overnight.

Well, there are of course some rules that apply when retouching an image or a video. Sooner or later the object in question has to enter public places at some point and that will reveal any “flaws” they have that have been taken away during the retouch process. So, staying true to the persons true identity is to be preferred.

Watching this video really put things in perspective and although we know about these “refinements” we willingly see them as perfection and the norm for how we should all look in order to be accepted and adored. It’s ultimately wrong and will most likely create a sense of megalomania for the object of idolization instead of creating a believable image of someone everyone can truly look up to. But, what should be said as well is that the major part of the most successful celebrities haven’t done anything to alter their true personality and beauty. This way they have preserved their unique and truthful image. Now, you are the judge and no one can take that away from you.