The Proof That Super Mario Is The Savior Of It ALL!

You thought you had history all clear in your mind, didn’t you? You thought that everything you learned in school was from thousands of years of knowledge and all of it must be the foundation of it all… all the way back to the dinosaurs. You probably learned the basics and are resting on that foundation to create a peaceful life. However, I am afraid I have to disappoint you today. I have some rather large news to present to you that might shake that foundation and create a sort of instability in your own self-awareness. The savior of it all is Super Mario.

That’s, of course, the truth if you look through the designer Kordian Lewandowski’s eyes. He had a huge block of styrofoam that he didn’t know what to do with so he started pondering the thought of Michelangelo’s sculpture of Madonna (of course not the superstar mega celebrity singer) cradling Jesus. What to do he thought…

He came up with the brilliant idea of switching a couple of characters from that sculpture and changing the legacy of one of the most memorable sculptures in the history of art itself. The new inhabitants of that sculpture are Princess Peach (posing as Madonna) and Super Mario (posing as Jesus). When you first see it, you think it’s nothing other than a ceramic casting of this sculpture, but then everything changes. You realize it’s a life size sculpture with insane intricate details… created in styrofoam. Using a chain saw and some other more fine tuned tools Kordian created this masterpiece that I am sure will become a holy monument for all time to come for geek gamers in the ever evolving world of gaming.

Kordian calls the sculpture “Game Over,” which of course is kind of fitting, and the sculpture is 170×200 cm in size. I would call it a feat larger than life.