The Psychology Of Color [Infographic]

Color is one of the most powerful tools to use when trying to establishing a product. Not only does it play a huge part in whether your product will be seen or not, but it also determines how your product is received. There is a great science behind color and how we use it, and the faster we delve into it, the faster I think we’ll understand how people’s minds work when they decide what product to buy next. As some of you know, I have touched on this subject before and so has Diana, but I thought it might be worth visiting this little area of design once more in order to really push the idea that color could do more for you than any social network out there. It all depends on how you use it.

There is a new infographic that will take you on a colorful journey through the shades and attributes that each and every color might express if put in the right environment. It’s brought to our attention by CertaPro Painters, PaintersOfLouisville and NowSourcing in a compact and quite intense format. Even though the infographic might seem a little cramped at first, it will make perfect sense if you just spend a little time with it and keep making references.

As you can see, color is not only important as a part of advertising and product design, but also to make us all feel a little better in our own homes for example. Having the right color in a room could possibly heighten your senses and sooth your stress by a whole lot. Of course, colors are interpreted from our individual perspectives, and shades play a large part in this. However, the base colors of each shade are scientifically proven to create certain feelings if applied in the right environment. Let this be a guide in your next project and then assess the success compared to the projects when you didn’t apply this science, and see what difference it made. I am quite sure that you will see that it will increase your reach and also your inspiration. Colors are made to be used… the right way.

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Via: [Cool Infographics]