The Ultimate & Complete Color Guide [Infographic]

We are all surrounded by color every day. Most of our choices and decisions are based on color, but not everyone is aware of that. We have touched on this topic here at Bit Rebels many times, but we feel we can’t educate ourselves enough about the psychology behind color and how it affects us. There have been plenty of color infographics throughout the years, and each one has its own specialized information. This color guide might add a tad more to the psychology behind it all.

Color can express moods, emotions and stature in a way that few things can. For example, depending on what color you pick for your company logo, you can somewhat predetermine the fate of your own success. If the color doesn’t quite match what you are trying to sell, it can all be a waste of time. By studying the psychology of color and all of the different color guide infographics out there, we can gain knowledge about color that we can use to our advantage. Someone once said knowledge is power, and that is definitely true when you look at the knowledge of color, and its effects on all of us.

In a fresh infographic called The Complete Guide To Color Psychology, presented by Amara (design by DesignBySoap), we are once again brought into the spectrum of colors, and what they mean. This particular color guide focuses on the meaning of color around the world. You see, color is not perceived the same way all around the world. Depending on culture and history, color can have a substantially different meaning than in other places around the world. That is what this color guide will help you understand.

Color even has an effect on us when applied to medication. In a study presented on this color infographic, it was shown that pills that were coated in a hot color were more effective as stimulants, and pills coated in a cold color were more efficient as relaxants. As you can clearly see, color has a significant impact on our health, choices and decisions. Choosing the right color with the help of infographics like this color guide can make all the difference when trying to succeed.

The Ultimate & Complete Color Guide

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Psychology Of Color Guide Infographic

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