The Quick Pick Font Guide [Flowchart]

When it comes to making a project stand out and look unique, nothing does it quite the same way as the font you use. I don’t know how many times I have seen great designs that could have been supreme if it wasn’t for the fact that the designer used a boring font. There are a ton of bad fonts out there that you just shouldn’t use. The reasons why are many, but the main ones is the fact that the font either looks unprofessional, unreadable or just plainly doesn’t fit with what you are trying to express.

It’s becoming ever more important to pick the right font for your projects, and spending a little bit more time on it will definitely benefit the cause and the outcome of your project in the end.

Choosing the right font can be anything but easy. It’s a tedious process really. After all, there are a million of them out there. Some are free, some are shareware and some are exclusive and professional. There seems to be more free fonts out there than anything else, but most of them are junk, and at best they could grace your mock ups if you want to do some crazy designs for a change. How do you really go about finding the best ones for your projects? Is there even a way to optimize the procedure to find the ultimate fit for what you are trying to express in your design?

Well of course there is! All you really need to do is to check out Scribble‘s flowchart, called So You Need A Typeface, for how to find the best font for your project. It is designed by Julian Hansen, and it will take you right through the entire process in just a matter of seconds. It is meant as a vessel of inspiration more than an actual tool. However, you can of course follow the flowchart through, depending on what you answer, and then just use the font that is recommended to you.

If you don’t like where the flowchart takes you, you can always take the font suggested to you and find something similar, but with the preferences that you think are best suited for your project. It’s quite easy really. You are the only one who knows what your design is supposed to express, so finding a matching font with the help of this flowchart could truly save you hours of searching.

It is a beast of a flowchart, and it should give you plenty of options depending on what route you decide to take. The whole flowchart is based on the top 50 most popular and best schrieften on Font Shop. Don’t ever fall into a font coma again. Let yourself be inspired by what is out there, and make sure you always switch it up a little. The best and most memorable design work comes in the form of originality, so being on the edge when it comes to using new fonts will probably benefit not only your designs, but also your career as a designer. What some might deem as unusable, you might find is the solution to all your problems. Design is not a courtroom, it’s a lineup of your inner dreams of being unique.

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