The Simple & Creative Recycled Bicycle Seat Stool

We write a lot about recycling on Bit Rebels, and although recycling, upcycling and repurposing are all obviously good for the environment and our planet, there are other reasons why people do it too. For example, people often want to recycle things that are sentimental because they don’t want to say goodbye to whatever it is which is no longer useful in its traditional sense. Sometimes when people do this, it can get a little bit creepy, like when people reuse their dog’s hair to make sweaters. You can read about that on Canine Couture.

Other times though, recycling something old and sentimental can be a lovely way to give it a whole new life and still keep it around as a special memory. As you may know from my other articles, I ride my bicycle a lot, and it’s my favorite form of exercise. I’ve had the same bicycle for a decade, and I’m finally ready for an upgrade. I’ve been looking at some new ones lately, and trying to decide what my next bike will look like.

When I saw this stool that was made by recycling a bicycle seat, I knew I had to share it with you. What a great idea! I don’t know how comfortable it would be to sit on, but I love the worn look and the simple style. My bicycle is very sentimental to me. I’ve ridden it all over Atlanta in all kinds of weather over many, many years. When I finally decide to upgrade, this would be such a special way to give my old bicycle seat a new purpose in my life. What do you think? Do you like it? I’ll admit that it’s a little odd, but I think that gives it personality. Now the only question is, would something that looks like this fit in with the decor in my home? I could probably sort that detail out pretty easily. [Designer: Sensatiocraft]




Via: [Dude Craft]