The TRON Light Cycle Re-Imagined!

With the TRON movie now released, nerds, geeks and pretty much everyone else are flooding to the cinemas to check out this technology adventure started sometime back in the ’80s. Since I haven’t seen the movie myself yet, I can’t tell if it is a masterpiece or a dud, but what I know is that it is sure to have some fantastic effects. The first movie released back in 1982 had some breakthrough technology created just to be able to create the kind of effects it had to express. However, today we’re light years ahead of that, and that allows a movie to go beyond the imagination of what can be created.

The hype around this movie has been nothing less than epic, and there have been countless reincarnations of pretty much everything in the movie. The light cycles have been in the shutter’s focus since the announcement of this new movie, and I am happy to share with you yet another idea that revolves around this awesome piece of imaginary technology.

It’s a re-imagined concept design of the light cycle courtesy of Wallace Campbell, which serves as a true visual look at what could be done in real life. Added to the list of features is a windshield, side view mirrors, ergonomical seat and a bunch of other things you would expect to see on a real bike. The rendered images of this “realistic” light cycle was way too awesome not to share, so enjoy!