The Ultimate Guide To Business Card Design [Infographic]

You might think you know exactly what kind of business card you want, but do you really know what it expresses? There are a lot of things that will affect the receiver of your card depending on the design, and the way it is formatted. The negative space on a card, for example, could potentially express luxury or excellence depending on what colors you use. However, it could also express that you haven’t spent much time on actually designing it. It’s the details, the style, the fonts and all the other factors that play a huge role in how people will react to you and your business card when it is handed to them. In many ways, a business card is the first business impression a new contact gets from you, so the importance in the design is anything but small.

How can you possibly know what font to choose and what colors you should be throwing around on your business card? It’s a whole science, we all know that. Now there is a handy infographic created by Business Cards that will help you through the many choices. It will act like a guide through the creation of your ultimate business card. Everything is considered from what the font expresses to the material the business card is made from.

All you have to do is to make up your mind about exactly what it is you want to express when you hand over that first initial networking invitation, meaning your business card. The format of this infographic is easy to follow, and the steps are clear and neatly outlined. You could pretty much follow it from the beginning to the end and build your business card that way. It can also be a guide to see what your current business card expresses. After all, you have everything presented in front of you, and all you will have to do is match it with what’s on the infographic. Most likely you had no idea what it expressed when it was handed to a new business connection. This will definitely come in handy for the new year since a lot of companies are ready to print up new business cards to match the new trends we all read so much about on design blogs around the Internet.

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Ultimate Guide To Business Cards

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