The Ultimate Papercraft Project: Life Made Out Of Paper

We’ve featured a lot of papercraft on Bit Rebels in the past, but this project by Don Lucho is pretty much the mother of them all. He created an entire apartment, complete with a crashed car outside, out of paper and cardboard. This could be someone’s entire life, made out of paper.

As you can see, everything is hand-drawn which really adds an interesting effect. The detail here is astonishing. There are shoes on the floor, books on the nightstand, coffee cups, pots and pans, pictures on the wall and even a can of tuna fish on the shelf above the stove, all made out of paper! Even the toilet in the paper bathroom looks realistic. For obvious reasons, he named this project, “Casa de Karton.”

Super creative and original projects like this truly inspire me. However, I keep asking myself why. Why would a person spend all this time making a paper apartment? I wish I could get inside his head and wrap my brain around his thoughts. As if this wasn’t impressive enough, there is even a 17 second must see video showing how that paper car crashed here. Genius.

[via Freshome, Lostateminor]