The White Canvas Watch: An Accessory Created For Artists

In order to make a little extra cash this summer, I recently accepted a job as a cashier for a local department store. One of the biggest problems I encountered when I first started working was knowing what time it is. Unfortunately, the cash registers only tell the time when the register is idle. The department store is always busy, and it seems as if the registers are never idle. This caused me to clock out of my shift up to an hour late some nights.

The solution? I needed a watch so that I would always know what time it is and when to begin closing my lane so I would get done on time. I didn’t want just any watch. I wanted a cool watch that made a statement about me and my personality.

My family took me outlet shopping for a new watch in Lancaster, PA. Lancaster isn’t too far from my home in Woodbury, and we’ve always found some great deals on nice things there in the past. We went to the Bulova Watch outlet store. They had a ton of fancy watches all at very low prices, but I didn’t want a fancy watch. I have never been one for high-end fashion, and I’ve had several watches break, so that wasn’t a fit. I just wanted a simple and fun watch for a low price.

ThinkGeek seems to understand my idea of the perfect watch. They have stripped this watch of all design and made it plainly simple with nothing more than a digital clock on a white band. They’ve left the designing all up to you. You can use a variety of materials to design the band including pens, pencils and markers. Since it only costs $11.99, you can probably afford to buy more than one just in case you experience a shift in your personality and decide you are ready for a change. Or, in my case, if you break the first one from continuous wear and tear.

Now I can show a part of my personality to every customer that I ring up and be sure to end my shifts on time. In the event that the store is a little slow and I have no customers to ring up, I can simply take out a pen and channel my inner artist right on the surface of my watch. This watch gets an A+ from me for usefulness, creativity and ultimately, fun!





Image Credits: [Think Geek] [Paper Culture] [Geek Alerts] [InSing]