The World’s Best Giant Syringe Filled With Chocolate Sauce

On my quest to find bizarre chocolate, I’d been meaning to revisit the choco-chain, Max Brenner in New York, “chocolate by the bald man,” so I could sit in a room surrounded by adults and squirt warm chocolate sauce directly into my mouth via a giant syringe. Apparently, “Max’s chocolate kingdom” is the only place in the universe that offers syringe-ingestible chocolate.

Max Brenner is also an awesome spot for a scrumdiddlyumptious safari. Once inside, you can venture under giant tubes of 100% chocolate swirling overhead and beyond the tubs of churning cocoa to witness a bunch of wild kids (or grownups) digging in to a pan of sugar-stuff called “The Mess” with spatulas instead of spoons.

My dinner companion for the night, designer @The Slush, and I marveled at the presentation. The mythic syringe was delivered to us on a slab, surrounded by a colorful assortment of gummy bears. The syringe is also available to-go, gift-wrapped or in bulk as a part of a glass-encased package called the “syringe apothecary jar” for $59.99. The much-coveted syringe jar is filled with ready-wrapped syringes that are filled with chocolate and tied up in neat little bows. Would you expect any less from the home of the first (and only) chocolate burger in the whole universe, or the Yumminummiwooopdidoohoo bagel?

To supplement our main course, we ordered “The Mess” (yes, that thing with the spatulas, made from warm chocolate-on-chocolate in a pan, smothered in whipped cream, sprinkles, a toffee sauce from candy bees, and bananas or strawberries “from the rainbow fields”). We also ordered the must-see world-famous chocolate pizza (melted milk chocolate, bananas, many mini-marshmallows, and peanut butter drizzle). And since we’re mature enough to do so, we sampled a Satisfaction Guaranteed cocktail that is genetically altered to taste like a Snickers (Castries peanut liqueur, caramel liqueur and milk chocolate, served up and presented in a bowl of ice, with a test tube on the side and a bowl of nuts). There’s even a sign in the bathroom to compliment your looks after you’ve eaten your weight in chocolate.

The take home syringes are a wonderful novelty. You can stock-pile your chocolate sauce in a fancy jar and save it for later, pass it along to a friend, or give yourself the gift of a late night sugar-injection. Just pop it in the microwave, open wide, squirt, and enjoy!