The World’s Most Disturbing Tattoo!

Alright, so you’re interested in tattoos I take it, otherwise you wouldn’t have clicked to read more about this article. Well, either that or you’re just interested in everything that is disturbing in the world, or maybe not. Even I would have clicked to read more about this cause it’s quite weird and odd and that’s exactly what we’re trying to share here on Bit Rebels. We at least try to find the gems that will make you inspired by something other than the usual and ordinary articles that you typically read.

Now I take it that you’re wondering why this tattoo is so disturbing. Well, it’s just that when the movie “Aliens” came out, and people saw the scene with the chestburster, everyone was terrified. Some people even puked in the theater when they saw it for the first time. It was a true shocker back then cause it hadn’t ever been seen before.

This guy actually tattooed that exact chestburster on his chest, and it looks über real in every way. The only thing that is really missing is that it’s not in full 3D. The lighting and shadowing of the tattoo is brilliantly done, and the gore is something taken from a splatter movie. Sure, I wouldn’t even consider tattooing this kind of motif on my chest, but you gotta hand it to the guy for having balls enough to scare the pants off of everyone who will see him at the beach.