This Exclusive iPad Case Folds And Holds It In Place!

When I received my iPad, I was overjoyed that the person who sent it to me had taken the time to find the very best, strongest and most durable case for it as well. As a matter of fact, since I took the iPad out of its packaging, I haven’t seen it in its full aluminum body more than once. I strapped the case around it first thing, and it has been on ever since. It’s like the most caring and wonderful thing when people actually take time to think one step ahead and make sure that the thing you’re receiving is actually going to last. What more can you ask for in such a wonderful act of caring? My iPad is happily alive and well, but the one thing I have always been wondering about is why cases never have a clever folding design which will enable you to angle your iPad in just the right position for watching movies, typing documents or whatever you are doing on it. Someone at Apple must have thought about the fact that we’re not always holding it with only our two hands and playing games.

Well, it seems someone else thought of that instead. That someone is designer Michael Young, and I can almost assure you that after viewing this little video clip and the images, you will be doing anything to get a hold of one of these iPad cases. The cases in the EOps P series are simply the most versatile iPad cases you have seen to date. With it comes not only the ability to stash your documents and other things, but also a folding design that lets you angle your iPad in pretty much any way you want.

You see, when working on it, I have found it plenty annoying laying it in my lap only to find it turning and rotating the screen because it’s at an angle where the iPad can’t decide what its gyro is doing, or something like that. What you end up doing is using pillows, a glass, or pretty much anything you can find to keep it upright. This is a brilliant solution for a secure and safe way to carry your iPad around with you.