This Steampunk Horse Goes Beyond All Boundaries Of Creativity!

It doesn’t happen often that we post something about steampunk. However, we do post things from time to time, and I honestly think it’s a little sad that we don’t do it more often. The creations that people whip up when they undertake the task of turning a new product into an old, worn and ultimately steampunked little gadget are just beyond creative. There is always some sort of base they start from, a platform where to start adding stuff if you will. Sometimes you stumble over steampunk things that will just make your brain go spiraling upwards only to burst into fireworks of euphoria due to the amount of detail and creativity it is blessed with.

This steampunk horse was created by someone so talented that their mind works have been chosen to grace the halls of a museum in London. The name of the creator is not known (if you know please tell us), but the guy who shot this ultimately inspirational piece of steampunk history is named Trey Ratcliff. He should get equal attention for his effort in hauling up a tripod when all that was to be seen was this horse in a maze of otherwise black halls.

If you have ever appreciated steampunk creations, then this one should definitely be at the top of your list. The creativity and the detail go beyond any creativity laws that hold all the steampunk items in place. The amount of time this horse must have taken to put together is just mind boggling if you ask me. It’s true creativity at its best.