This Will Make You Love Photography!

Alright, I must admit I have spent countless hours on learning my own along with other peoples cameras during my career as a developer and website designer. I have learnt pictures come and go much like time does in our own life. There are brilliant and fantastic moments around us every day if we just stop and look…and of course take countless photo’s.

About a year ago I started looking for some nice photography websites when I found my way to a site that made me come to absolutely LOVE photography. I usually start my day off with just a peek at this site and it just fills me with the utmost respect for my surroundings along with the photographer Eric Gauger who is running this Travel / Photography blog named “Notes From The Road“.

The simple and user friendly navigation for this website is just jaw breaking and I love how Eric never stops to impress me with all the great inspirational photo’s he presents. Truly amazing stuff!

If you are a designer. If you are a photographer. If you like traveling. If you love life and all that it has to offer. If you love anything at all, you must check out this monument to photography.

Eric Gauger Travel Blog

Eric Gauger - Camera