To Satisfy the Cannibal in You | Baked Body Parts

I’ve written about some pretty bizarre topics on this site, but I think this one is without a doubt the weirdest.  I love to feature unusual artists that take creativity and innovation to the next level.  I think you will agree that Kittiwat Unarrom fits this description.  To describe his art in a nutshell:  He creates very artistic yet gruesome looking dismembered body parts out of bread.  Yes, you read that right, bread.

Guess what he does with this art?  He displays it in his bakery in Thailand and sells it just like any other baker would.  His creations sell for up to $500 per body part.  From what everyone is saying about his bread, it tastes very good. He spends over six hours a day baking just to keep up with the demand.

Kittiwat Unarrom says, “The lesson is don’t judge by outer appearances.”  I’m not sure if that would be the lesson I would learn if I ate a bread head, but I do see his point. According to, “Kittiwat is Inspired and informed by anatomy books and visits to forensic museums, he makes sure that none of your various body part bread desires go unfulfilled: he also makes feet, hands, and internal organs which come displayed impaled on hooks. Made from dough, raisins, cashew nuts, and chocolate, all of the works on display are totally edible. (insert cannibalism joke here.) (insert “eat me” joke here.) (insert “put your foot where your mouth is” joke here.)”

I think these pictures say a thousand words. I can’t decide if this is insanely creative or just plain insane. What do you think? @krystynchong, I can read your mind and I’ll beat you to the punch – I know, he left out your favorite body part. Haha! :)