Top 10 Halloween Costumes for 2009

In just a couple of days it’s already Halloween! Have you decided on which costume to wear? Are you tired of the same boring stuff you use every year?   Well, found a video created by Threadbanger to give you some suggestions and fill  you in on the years biggest costumes. Do you want to dress up like the late MJ?  How about  Lady Gaga or be a representative of your favorite social network and come as a Twitter Bird?

The host runs down from 10 to 1 the possible costumes that you can wear. Take note though that they aren’t all scary ones but others are funny and others can be entertaining. And if you don’t fancy any of the costumes.

two years or more ago, a friend asked if I could make a mask for her friend and I did, had fun doing it and the best part of it was her friend won the best costume for the night.  I did a full flower princess mask. Here I have included a video on how to make masquerade masks courtesy of just in case you already have the dress but just want to update with a new mask. They are quiet easy to make and lots of fun for you to make with your friends and family.  So get your stuff and start working on it.