Twitter Flip-Flops: Perfect for Adding Followers at the Beach

A few days ago Misty wrote an article about creative summertime flip-flops. Just like Misty, I love flip-flops. I have at least a dozen pairs and I wear them all the time. I have one more pair to add to our Bit Rebels collection. When I saw these, I instantly knew I had to share them with you.

These are Twitter flip-flops perfect for the beach! Created by Italian designer Paolo Ulian, these rubber sandals have “Who loves me, follow me” on the soles. They are made to leave tracks in the sand when you walk.

Now if they could somehow incorporate a Twitter username into this design, we’d be all set. The interesting note from a marketing perspective is that from what I read, assuming I understood correctly (it was all in Spanish and French), these flip-flops were originally marketed to brides who wanted to get married on the beach; however, they didn’t become popular until people started associating them with Twitter. How cute!

[Image Source: Aves Nocturnas]