Incredible Sand Art That Makes You Want To Go To The Beach

What is it with these artists who feel the need to make humongous, time-consuming works of art that simply cannot last? Remember my article on the Snowy Crop Circles? Well, now I’ve found  someone who is making amazing works of art on beaches! Yet again, another way in which I feel completely inferior…It’s all I can do to draw a heart in the sand.

Similarly to “Mr. Snow,” the team (yes, it takes a whole team of people to make these sand art works) at Sand In Your Eye start with a sketch and a plan. However, there is a time constraint when you’re dealing with beaches…it’s called THE TIDE. All of Sand In Your Eye’s works must wait until the beach is dry and then they have to get the drawing and raking done and photographed or videoed before the tide comes in and “returns the beach to its natural state.”

Not only does the Sand In Your Eye team complete amazing sand art for promotional purposes (yes, I think you’d have to pay me well to spend hours on something the tide will just take away), but they also do amazing sand and ice sculptures, and host team building workshops. Can you imagine taking your team to the beach for the day and working together to build a piece of art the size of a football field, then climbing into a helicopter, or to the top of a cliff to see the result of your hard work? Yes, I agree, I think this might be the “ultimate in corporate team building.”

bird peace beach drawing

concentric beach drawing candles

Alvin Simon beach art

starburst beach art 2012

beach art woman skater

beach art bird peace

male face beach art

female baby face beach art

sailboat beach art apparition

Image Credit: [Sand Sculpture Ice]