Typography | 5000 Eggs to Say Happy Holiday

Typography has always been a great way to design unique and interesting pieces of art. As a designer you can’t but appreciate the time someone puts down into creating things that are made out of hundreds of fonts or just a few used in ways never before attempted. The quality of a typography piece is really depending on the time spent on its creation. There are some really nice pieces of work out there and they are too many to mention here but there is one compilation I would really like to share right now.

It’s a piece made by “A Brand Hatchery” and it’s nothing short of amazing. They decided to create something unique as a holiday greeting and decided to create one crazy compilation. Using 5000 eggs they started laying them out in a pattern forming their holiday greeting design. They used only two colors (as obviously eggs doesn’t come in that many colors) and the result… Well, guess what! They actually captured everything in time lapse and the video is really amazing.