Typography Puzzle – Mind Twisting Letter Blocks

Anyone that has tried to solve a puzzle with over 1,000 pieces knows the frustration in getting started. Just finding those first two pieces that fit together to start off your journey into the land of patterns and colors can be a challenge. Sure, it’s great fun if you have nothing else to do, and it’s ultimate time consuming if you’re looking for a quick fix for your boredom. There are puzzles with less pieces that take a much shorter time to finish, but what challenge would that be? How proud would you be of your creation knowing it was so easy?

Nah, instead invest in Nuzzles by designer John Christenson. It’s a new kind of puzzle that doesn’t take long to build, yet it offers a really cool result when you’re done and finished with it. The pieces are a form of typography letters carved out of solid blocks of wood. They interlock with each other in a very harmonious way to form several different words and sentences when it’s done.

It would make for a fun game on a rainy Friday night with your friends and some brewskies. The more drunk you get the harder the puzzle will be. You can even raise the bar a little if you don’t allow the same word to be crafted twice. Once put together, it’s out of the game. See, the one with the most words in the end wins. Simple huh… I would imagine that the more drunk you get the more weird the words will get. Keep a miniature saw around and you can start creating some really interesting words…