Typography | The Essence of Inspiration

I usually work until the sun starts rising at the horizon. I can’t think of anything better than to just sit and bit by bit add stuff to a progressive design. Have the window open while the silence slowly turns into the busy life of daytime. Smelling that fresh air gently touching my senses and inspire beyond what inner organic reflections ever could achieve. Have a sip of that newly poured tea and just emerge from the depth of imagination. Before you know it you’re done. It’s like you didn’t do it yourself. It’s like there’s a secret button for that autopilot you wish you could turn on anytime during the day but you can’t.

Now you might think that the long hours finaly got the best of me and totally made me loopy. Well, probably…but there is a secret to all this inspiration. Music. The kind of music that lets you fall into that zombie state awareness where the slightest idea turns into a fully fleshed design in just a matter of seconds.

I listen to a lot of music each day. Not only because it’s my second job but because I get so much out of it. But listening to screaming guitars, bad singers and 80’s pads is tiresome if you’ve had to do it all day. What better then to listen and watch these inspirational typography compositions. If you can’t find harmony during the day, this is sure to help you to it at night. Let yourself be inspired.