Typography You Can Wear – Using Humans As Typeface

The nature of our environment and our lives is moving faster and faster. Just think about two very small pieces of the puzzle: Augmented reality and social media. The growth in those two areas alone is enough to make anyone’s head spin.

It makes sense that if an ordinary sign is to keep up with an ever changing environment; it needs to be able to change in a moment to send a different message, right? In comes… wearable typography.

Created by British photographer and designer Amandine Alessandra, it’s all about moving your body to create letters, and linking with other people to create words. There is just something about using humans as typeface that is so creative to me! You can read an incredible account about the history of using human beings as a message medium here. I’m adding this, um… font to my favorite list of fonts.

Optimus Kanguru – Kolors from Euro RSCG 4D Portugal on Vimeo.

[via bookofjoe, amandinealessandra]