Typolution | Best Typography Short Movie Ever

As I was compiling an article about typography and it’s origins I stumbled over this amazing looking and genius short movie. It depicts human evolution using only typography. Every raindrop, every branch, leaf…you name it. It’s entirely created using letters, numbers and signs. Created by Olivier Beaudoin, this piece of art is one of the most inspiring short movies I have ever seen using only the imagination to create our evolution.

You got to hand it to the guy…he’s one of the brightest minds in typography and the edge he provides in this clip is stunning in every way. I am sure this guy has a lot more to give and checking his portfolio on his site it’s clear he has his own flavor and truly tries to stay ahead of the rest. A few clips I don’t even get and others just keeps me inspired for hours. If you ever need typography inspiration and a little nudge to think outside of the box then have yourself pushed to his place on the net and let yourself be inspired. It’s totally worth it.

“Typolution” by Olivier Beaudoin