Unbelievable Portraits Made From Chewed Gum & Spit

Apparently this guy has been doing this for years, but I just found out about it today, and it’s blowing my mind. Do you see the “paintings” below? No paint was used to make them. They were created from chewed gum and spit only. Nuts!

Jason Kronenwald, an artist from Toronto, has a whole team of gum chewers that get the gum just right for him. Wanna know how he mixes the colors? He has his gum chewers chew different brands and colors (flavors) of gum together in their mouths. The variety of gum gets all chewed up together and creates certain colors.

These particular portraits are part of a series called “A Fresh Pack of Gum Blondes.” Get it? I know, kinda lame. How does he actually make the portraits? He molds the gum onto a piece of plywood. That’s right, he takes his bare fingers and molds ABC gum (Already Been Chewed gum) onto wood. He does admit that not only does he not like to personally chew gum; at times it grosses him out (Ya think?). Sometimes, if the gum gets a little hard, he mixes it with some water to re-soften it a little. Up until now, I thought this guy who travels around painting colorful designs on gum discarded on concrete was the most unusual gum artist I had seen. Wow, I think this might even surpass him!