Urban Camouflage Art | Graffiti Style

Graffiti is one of those sensitive things that people usually feel strongly about. Some people believe it is art, others believe it is an eyesore. I suppose it just depends on your perspective. I have seen graffiti that looks so stunning it could be in an art gallery, I’ve also seen some of the nastiest graffiti mess ever.

Los Angeles is one place that is known for having a lot of graffiti and since someone there decided it needed to be disguised; they came up with a very creative way to cover it up. They simply masked it with what is called urban camouflage art.

According to https://www.prettycoolthings.com, “Artist Joshua Callaghan created a series of public art projects in Los Angeles, in which he places digitally printed adhesive vinyl on urban eyesores, such as electrical boxes. The graphics depict the scene that’s hidden behind the object, effectively “cloaking” the subject.” Joshua, armed with an education in cultural anthropology and fine arts, obviously has some mad talent because these pictures of his work are incredible. You can check out more of his artwork on his website at http://www.joshuacallaghan.com.