Web Design Trends Of Fortune 500 Companies [Infographic]

Creating an appealing website is not something you just do in a jiffy. It’s an ongoing development that takes time and effort. Some people have perfected the art of making these kinds of websites and created WordPress themes out of them. That way, it’s easy for any company to setup their website in as little as a day, if not less. The web design trends are always changing and setting up your website run on WordPress is probably one of the smartest things you can consider. Why? Because the plugin hierarchy it runs on makes it highly customizable, and you can follow web design trends as soon as they change or morph into something else. When it comes to successful websites, a lot of people look to the Fortune 500 companies to see what’s hot.

In order to draw some kind of conclusion from all of these websites, you have to make sure you know what you are looking for and what elements are there to make a difference. There are a lot of web designers who cut to the chase by either creating their own website (neglecting everything that has to do with content presentation, usability and a lot of other factors) or putting together something that looks and feels like it was made back in 1995. Not good.

An infographic presented by Go-Globe was compiled from information gathered by looking closely at the Fortune 500 web design trends and what features and designs they have implemented into their websites. It could possibly lay the groundwork for your own website in order to make people feel like they know your user interface already. It’s never a bad idea to incorporate tested and proven web design trends into your own design. However, make sure you slightly customize it to make it a little bit more personalized instead of just copying it straight off.

Interesting to note is that 93% of all the Fortune 500 company websites have their logo in the top left corner of their website. Maybe it’s because that’s usually where you start reading (but not every country in the world starts reading from the top left and downwards). If anything, that is a proven concept that seems to work quite well for these companies.

When creating your own website, have a look at this infographic to see if you can incorporate these web design trends and make your website look a little bit trendier than the rest. However, the question is whether or not these websites are trendy at all, or if they are just based on the same formula altogether. What I mean by that is that multinational companies usually have a slow bureaucracy cycle which makes their “trendy” designs dated before they even have time to update them. So, be careful when you create your own website. Incorporate some, but not too many web design trends from these Fortune 500 companies. You’ll do best in featuring stuff that has always been proven to work, but also by putting your own touch on things to make your brand a whole lot more interesting for visitors. And as we all know, branding is everything for a company.

Go-Globe’s Fortune 500 Web Design Trends


Via: [visual.ly]