Top 8 Web Development Trends In 2018

Technology changes very fast. Yesterday’s trend is mostly obsolete today and today’s trend is going to be outdated tomorrow. The same happens to web development tools too; in web development the trends change so fast that they get obsolete before even their implementation. So, instead of talking about today’s trend, it’s better to speak about the trend that is going to happen tomorrow.

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2018 Web Development Trends

1. Progressive Web Applications or PWAs: The progression web pages first came to everyone’s knowledge in 2015. Now, in 2018, it is a major market competitor for mobile apps. The major advantage of PWAs is that it can even work without being connected to the internet. PWAs are becoming web development trend.

2. Customer Support Online: The artificial intellects are replacing machines, and that is going to be the same with customer support. Website development trends are inclining towards customer support; like 85% of them will be tackled with artificial intellects by 2020. Therefore, you can be sure to make interactions without human assistance, and chatbot will become mandatory for every website. You need a chatbot because you want to show your customer you care for them and you are available to support them 24/7. Therefore, either you want a department of customer support which helps your customers throughout their visit to your website or a chatbot which saves workforce and money too.

3. Websites with single page: Modern web development trends are where simplicity comes to play. People hate moving from one page to another; instead, they want all the contents on a scrollable page. At the same time, the cost of developing also comes down to the company whose website is being made.

4. Static websites: The static website concept was developed when WWW or World Wide Web came into being, but this is the latest web development trends prevailing now. In 2018, this is a concept that’s going to work more than dynamic websites.

5. Push Notifications for websites: This is also a significant change that 2018 will bring us. Push notifications bring the client more engaged with you. He will get involved with whatever is updated on your website. So, web development latest trends for 2018 may make you bring changes to your site or you have included a blog the customers will get notified, and this will build a close relationship between you and your customer.

6. HTML: The flash is disappearing gradually. Modern website development trends need no flash as the mobile devices are incompatible with them. A lot of data is lost on downloading flash. But HTML-5 based videos can reach a broader range of games or videos, which is becoming a universal format. If you still have a website which lets the user have flash the best thing to do is to turn them into HTML, otherwise, the users of 2018 won’t like it anymore.

7. PHP: PHP is always the best choice for backhand development. Laravel 5x is the choice of web development in 2018. They offer open-source PHP web framework. The dynamic backhand websites get a benefit out of it. The latest Laravel 5.5 is quite competent, and they make regular updates from time-to-time. The frequent updates ensure that they are with the current trend and they fulfill the requirements of their users.

8. JavaScript: Still JavaScript holds the number one position when it comes to web development. The Angular 2 release was a revolution. It was faster and was much more straightforward. It was recognized by the mobile approach and is going to be a trend in 2018, and it reduces the development time. JavaScript wants their users to use TypeScript, which is the most successful combination for developing website till now.


Web development new trends are going to change further in 2018, instead of setting up a new office to expand your business, it is better to set up a new website in order to give you more exposure.

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